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2/5 Rating average

Always want to try this ramen house as they were being advertised as the first ramen house in Edmonton to serve made-in-house noodles.Went there for a very late lunch (early dinner may be?) with my husband on a Saturday. The restaurant was not very busy due to the time of the day. The decor of the restaurant was simple and modern. We each ordered a custom ramen (Spicy Miso with Pork Shoulder, and Shio with Pork Belly) and a beer as the Dragon IPA was having a $2 off promotion on Saturdays.The noodles were definitely freshly made. They had a nice firmness to the bite and tasted fresh; however they were not the typical type of noodles used in ramen. They looked like noodles used in ramen but tasted more like Chinese egg noodles to me. Nevertheless, they were good noodles.My shio soup was creamy and flavorful yet not too heavy. I drank all the soup and did not feel thirsty after the meal which means they did not use MSG. The pork belly was on the dry side and failed to achieve the "melt-in-your-mouth" texture. It was not very flavorful either. The egg was nicely done with soft gooey yolk. The other two toppings I chose were sweet corn and bamboo shoot. My husband's spicy miso soup was a bit disappointing. The spiciness was probably from shichimi (7-spice powder) and was dominating. We couldn't taste anything else. Pork shoulder was very lean and again, bland. Overall, the ramen we had were very average in Albertan (not Japanese) standard.The portion of the custom ramen was decent for its price ($13.50). Service was average. A minor complaint was that they gave us our bill when I still had 1/2 of my beer left.And then here are why I gave it a 2-star review instead of 3.We asked for the bill, and it was our fault to a degree that we did not check it before we paid. After we left, we noticed they did not apply the $2 off promotion to our bill :(Another thing that bugs me the whole time was the water bottle. It's a Q water jug although I am not sure if it was indeed Q water (we were not charged extra). I just couldn't take my eyes off the water bottle as its rim and bottom was covered by the white mineral deposits. Even though the mineral deposits are not going to kill me, it was an eyesore. And I just stopped drinking the water after I noticed it.

4/5 Rating average

I came here for after the lunch rush on a Friday with the hubs. We both ordered the same ramen bowl: Tonkotsu. The ramen noodles - made in house - were perfectly toothsome and chewy. Contrary to other reviewers who complained about a watery broth - we both found our bowls full of rich creamy flavour and included enough bacon, pork shoulder and pork belly - and more importantly, each of the cuts of meat had lots of flavour, were tender and not overly fatty. The additional sheets of nori, pickled onion, scallion, bamboo shoots and egg were a nice addition too. I will agree with other reviewers though that the egg requires more seasoning and a whole egg would be nice.Service was efficient but nice. Both servers on the floor came to check on us regularly.The place although modern, lacks ambience and warmth. I found the music choice annoying (elevator music?) and although the establishment is clean, the glass "Q water" bottle they provided for the table looked utterly dirty and greasy - especially at the bottom of the jar, which grossed us both out. Not sure if that's a one-off or the bottle needs to be replaced?All in all though, we came for the food and the ramen did not disappoint.