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CRES, 2109 Ottawa St | Market Square, Windsor, Ontario N8Y 1R8, Canada
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Monday 10:30 - 21:00

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Wednesday 10:30 - 21:00

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1/5 Rating average

I have visited this establishment several times over the years. It is next to the market. It used to be good. The last time we went the food was less than desirable. Not sure what happened.We went for lunch. I had the burger. It was over cooked and tasted dry. The bun was stale. The lettuce whilted. I had a salad with it. It was nothing great. Only thing that might of been fresh was the onion. My friend had the Caesar salad. He thought the dressing tasted like it was out of a Kraft bottle. Not freshly made. The chicken on it was dry as well. We also ordered the Broasted chicken. My friend thought it was under cooked. It had no flavour. She said she has had better. And wouldn't recommend ordering it again. Her fries were good.It was about a year since the last time we stopped for lunch. And it seems to have gone downhill. Not sure why. The servers seem in hurry and can't be bothered with simple requests.Not sure I will be going back. Not worth the money. Prices are a bit high. And $2.50 for a coffee? The wasn't good either. Never again.

3/5 Rating average

I had a pleasure of coming to this resturaunt for over 2 years. I was hesitant about coming back once the new owners took hold of it. Boy i was right, while the food is excellent. When i ask for my tips to be given to the kitchen staff and theyre not then we have a problem. Ive came back 4 times since the new owners and i seriously dont know why they are even there. The female all she does is talk to people i expected her to be helping out but no. I am not tipping you servers because you walked my food to my table. You didnt cook it so why am i giving you all my tips. I know for a fact that these waitresses are getting paid the same as the cook.... Hes doing more work so why are they being paid equally??? I have vowed to tell everybody about the new owners and how theyre not giving kitchen staff the tips thats deserved. Ive seen the cook be the only obe in the kitchen almost everyday yet hes getting paid the same as the waitresses? Overall: Good foodHorrible owners who dont know what they are doing norbrealize theyre causing a lot of us regulars not to want to come back. It's unfortunate the old owner knew how to run a business and never had issues giving the kitchen staff what he deserves. Fix those issues and give you chef more freedom and maybe i would consider letting people know ots the place to be.