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1/5 Rating average

We used to go hear every week. Back then, they served complimentary iced tea with every purchase (excluding set meals).When they renovated around year 2007, we were so excited to see what surprises they would have in store for us. When the doors reopened, our expectations were met. They had turned pearl house into a brand new modern looking Taiwanese restaurant. They even started serving bubble tea!However, as time went on, we realized that the meek families gradually dwindled to nothing, and wealthier foreigners with rich cars gradually appeared out of nowhere, taking up the parking lot. They would come in packs, each person driving their own luxury cars, filling up the parking, but only taking up a table at the actual restaurant.Furthermore, the kind waitresses back then, started to disappear. Instead, new ones with attitude, started showing up. We didn't even get greeted! While we were settling into our table, the waitress rudely forced us to move to a dirty table by the entrance with cold air rushing in. One even slammed our food on our table, spilling the contents all over the table. The food itself didn't make things better.I remember once ordering a bubble tea with no ice, since iced drinks don't mix well with grassy food. They only filled my drink halfway. The nerve! The famous beef noodles we were looking forward to itself wasn't that bad though. But the oil and grease in it were disgusting. Also, the sodium content is off the charts. My family and I would spent the whole night chugging water to quench this perpetual thirst.I miss the old pearl house.

1/5 Rating average

Five members of my family went to this restaurant at 8:00 pm. Three are disabled seniors, one was in wheelchair.After a 25 minute wait, we were offered a table for four persons. A larger table had sat empty the entire time. I asked the waitress if we could please have the larger table. She said no that's reserved for groups of seven. I said there was no one waiting for a table. She said maybe a larger group will arrive. I said maybe no one will come but we are here. The cheeky ignorant girl responded: maybe someone will come!After all the people in my group is seated, the other waitress comes and says manager allowed you to sit at the bigger table. I told her the restaurant staff were not sensitive to needs of disabled people and were ill-equipped and ill-prepared and untrained to handle guests properly. I showed her how there was no space or leg room for the person sitting at the end of the table (myself). It was an uncomfortable experience as I had to sit sideways the whole time to avoid hitting my Dad's painful knee (he became disabled after a fall from escalator).A person in a wheelchair needs more space and outing five people in a four person table is uncomfortable in the best of times. But putting three disabled people plus two adults plus one person in a wheelchair us downright stupid, particularly given that a larger table say empty the whole time.I have enjoyed coming to this restaurant many times before because of the food they serve. But I'm absolutely unhappy with the ignorance and poor service and arguments served by the waitress. No thank you.Below photo shows our table and the congestion of a wheelchair.