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Brampton, 345 Queen St W, Brampton, Ontario L6Y 3A9, Canada
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My daughter and I visited again, this time early in the day. We came here before because it was highly recommended by the best auto mechanic in the world (Dex Auto, 181 Rutherford Road - the fact that he can keep my old beater not only running but actually certifiable is a complete miracle).One thing you should know about me: honestly, I hate eggs. I can eat them and enjoy them if they're scrambled, boiled, in an omelette, or fried down to a hockey puck but a runny yolk triggers my gag reflex hard.So I asked the waitress to pick something for me - she said the top seller is Eggs Benedict. Oh bugger. Peaches eggs with the... *deep breath* runny yolk.What the heck, gotta have faith. So I went all out and ordered the Baja Bennie, which is I think new on the menu.I cleaned up the plate. If I wasn't already stuffed to the gills even after offloading some of the delicious fried potatoes onto my kid's plate, I would have licked the plate and saved them the washing.Just go order it.I had no problem eating it because of the amazing flavors and the drippy yolky grossness was completely overridden by the creamy avocado goodness.Go there. Today.

5/5 Rating average

We have been to many places in Brampton for the old "fry up"This location is our favourite. The owners see us walk in, and automatically bring us our cups of tea! Not only the kind of tea we drink, even what we take in our tea. The owner even remembers what we like to eat! The service is spot on. The husband and wife team (owners) are very nice, warm people and we will continue to eat here, because of how they welcome us each and every time, and the breakfast taste great.