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Reserve your table with us now. Secure yourself free seats at an early stage. Simply call us or use our Homepage for online table book. We look forward to your visit! A reservation is also useful because it prevents waiting times. We then know how many consumers to expect and can prepare accordingly. Through your table booking we can offer you a better service. So it's best to take care of your free reservation right away, you can do it by phone or online - it only takes a minute!.

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1/5 Rating average

Ordered dinner to feed 6 pp, the popcorn chicken we added for 10.00 was half full, the kfry was son greasy it fell out the bottom of the box, and the skin on it was so thin, and slimey, , the fries were half full and old /stale :( Never will I return , not enough for 4 pp and it cost me 67.00 Disgusting........

1/5 Rating average

We went to pick up a couple of Feasts for a group! They were very busy and told us that it would take 20 minutes. We asked if we ordered and paid for it, could they deliver it to us(we were at a hotel about 10 minutes away), they said that we'd have to order on=line or call for a delivery. We paid for it and said that we'd be back in 20 minutes to pick it up. One of our group arrived about 25 minutes afterwards to pick up our order, well it wasn't ready he had to wait over 30 minutes after he arrived for it. That's almost an hour after being told that it would be 20 minutes!After that fiasco, when we open the buckets the chicken was soggy and tasted burnt! It was disgusting! We'll never buy from this location ever again!