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Baie-Saint-Paul, Baie St Paul, 43 Rue Ste-Anne
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Reserve your table with us now. Secure yourself free seats at an early stage. Simply call us or use our Homepage for online table reservation. We look forward to your visit! A reservation is also useful because it prevents waiting times. We then know how many visitors to expect and can prepare accordingly. Through your table reservation we can offer you a better service. So it's best to take care of your free reservation right away, you can do it by phone or online - it only takes a minute!.

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5/5 Rating average

Excellent, faut y aller. Really nice place, nice staff, great food. Loved the tartare, the private importation wine collection is great... Strongly recommend

1/5 Rating average

We were so excited to come back to Charlevoix to have dinner at le mouton noir. Unfortunately, the service was a big zero and the staff was very inattentive and not present for clients. During dinner we saw clients getting up with empty bread of basket asking for more and also saw disappointed clients with quality of food. For us, we had to wait more than an hour receive our appetizers which I'm sorry were not worth the wait (did someone try the gazpacho before serving it?) and more than 90 minutes for the main dish. At this point we were frustrated to wait this long for food and flustered with the service (specially when the 2 other tables that received appetizers at the same time as us) got served 20 Minutes before us !!! And yes we had the same main dishes!!! At this point we were so fed up that we have let the waitress know how we felt. She was kind enough to offer free drinks but we kindly refused as all we wanted was to get out of there. To the owner: I'm not sure how long you can surf on your popularity and references from concierge at le germain and surrounding hotels. We wanted to give your restaurant the benefit of the doubt by ignoring all the poor comments on TripAdvisor for the past 2 months but we should have believed them! We wish you luck and hope that one day it will be what it used to be.