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1/5 Rating average

The sign on the door says Under New Management which implies better than it used to be. One can only imagine how bad that must have been then. Over-Priced and Tasteless. I couldn't even finish. It was like eating cardboard. The woman's bathroom was disgusting. Toilet paper all over the floor. Overflowing garbages and dirty. But the worst and inexcusable in my opinion was the 500 ml soap dispenser that was empty! First off it's a food place! And I can't wash my hands after using the bathroom?! Secondly, how long must it have taken to go through that much soap ?! And not one employee thought or bothered to fill it?? Is there soap at the sink they use after using the bathroom???!!Disgusting. Slow. Tasteless. Just don't do it. There's no upside here.

1/5 Rating average

Terrible experience. Employee taking order was not concentrating on order and I had to repeat the order several times. While waiting..... tick tockAnother customer complained their fries were cold and the kitchen staff laughed behind her back. Another customer got chicken nuggets the size of nickels and asked where the rest was for the price. She also specified to keep certain condiments off of her food for allergic reasons for her daughter. She left and came back and sure enough the exact condiment was on the food and the employees did not take it seriously. Same customer observed kitchen staff eating and handling other customers food with bare hands. When called on it, staff argued with her.Next customer had to come back...missing part of their orderMeanwhile.... having waited for a half an hour, my order comes out... not the condiments I ordered at all and the onion rings were burnt.The entire time I waited and watched this disaster happening, the entire staff were making fun of all the customers who complained and justified themselves to each other.